One of the primary objectives of Christwood, as its logo signifies would be to engage children in healthy physical and other activities. Activities in Christwood would spread over a range structured under

Physical Education

The physical well-being of every student is important in Christwood. Hence, physical education is a vital part of the school’s curriculum. There is an abundance of space and equipment for play for students of various ages.

Life Skills & Value Education

Through imparting values and life skills to our students we seek to shape and hone secure, loved, confident and independent young individuals. These classes prepare the students to face moral dilemmas, and also equip them with excellent skills to communicate and take the initiative toward action.

After-School Activities

All students are encouraged to participate in activities outside of academics twice a week after school. The school currently offers sports and instrumental training in football, basketball, volleyball, archery, athletics, violin, recorder and guitar.


Music, at Christwood is part of Mainstream School Life and the Music Department is a thriving one which nurtures the musical talents in the students, be it vocal or instrumental.
Children from Grades 1 to 10 have regular Music Classes, with curriculum that includes rudiments and theory of music, in addition to regular singing.
A well trained Choir is the pride of the School, performing at all School events and Concerts associating with some of the notable music groups in India.
Recitals held twice yearly give opportunities for our star performers to join other reputed musicians in Concerts
Over the years, VIRTUOSO, the National Level Music Competition organized by Christwood, has gained a reputation for the high standard of performance by the participants, from across the Country.
The School offers training in Recorder, Guitar, Piano, Violin and vocal singing as part of After School Activity
Yes! Music is not a subject, it’s the Culture at Christwood!

Drawing & Painting


Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW):

Christwood introduced two programs, Carpentry and Embroidery as part of Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW). Both are crafts which require skill, precision and aesthetics. Trained young, these will be very handy in their adult life. Certainly Carpentry and Embroidery are two significant Socially Useful Productive Work children should be trained in.

Grade 7 students have been initiated into the basics of Carpentry like measurement, marking, sawing, nailing and drilling, while the embroidery kids have picked up various stitches – running, stem, back, satin, split lazy daisy, chain, French knots and Romanian knots. Both are ready to take off on small projects.