Christwood Philosophy

Christwood Philosophy

Christwood believes that every child is endowed with intellect and talent. It is the function of education to arouse these dormant qualities and aid in their development. School Education is a wholesome process of grooming the child intellectually, physically, aesthetically and spiritually, to bring into being a balanced and harmonious individual. To this end Christwood strives, making learning a lifelong joyful experience to every student


Christ centered human values with active physical development in an ambience facilitating “Study” is the core of Christwood.

The Logo amplifies the same

  • The Central Cross signifies the Christ Centered Core of Human Values
  • The Logo caricatures a Child in Activity

The C’s – Character & Confidence – combine on a “S” signifying an ambience facilitating “Study”


To be an institution that inspires Christian Excellence.


Christwood’s mission is:

  1. To mould students into compassionate citizens, that they may be inspired by the love of Jesus Christ and love for their fellow beings.
  2. To spark a spirit of excellence in each child, they may strive to give their best in academics, sports, music, and other activities.