Academic Philosophy

  • Focus on Communication Skill
  • Integrated Curriculum to make the child competitive in Indian and International Boards
  • Intensive Experimental learning to appreciate learning
  • Laboratories to value add learning process
  • Real time exposure through field trips


The curriculum is child-initiated in pre-school, child-centered in primary and interactive, and project and research oriented in the secondary school. It includes academic learning, social development, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and exposure to new perspectives. Relevant aspects from international curricula are integrated to give the child academic exposure to both Indian and international boards.

Early Childhood Education

Children in the early years need to be supported by a stimulating and enriching physical and psychological environment, for the brain to develop to its full potential. It is also a critical time for formation of social values and personal habits in the child.

The Five-Step Learning Methodology

Objective: Students know the agenda set for their lessons.
Activities: Students learn concepts through hands-on activities thereby understanding how to use and apply these concepts in real life.
Reflection: Students analyse the experience of the activities and explore the concepts further through oral questioning and reasoning.
Practice: Students use workbooks or worksheets to put into practice their understanding of the concepts.
Evaluation: Students take periodic tests which measure and provide feedback on conceptual understanding, applied thinking, and English and language comprehension.


Learnometer is an assessment held twice a year to test three main areas of a student: conceptual understanding, applied thinking and English language and comprehension. The assessment report provides useful feedback on the strengths of a student, and assess development and higher order thinking skills (HOTS). HOTS is an important component of all board / competitive examinations and is necessary to succeed in any professional field.