Every child is unique and in Christwood we would strive to bring out the talent in every child. Our curriculum will include academic learning, social development, co-curricular activities, extracurricular activities, sports and exposure to new prospectives. We equip students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in their professional endeavors.

At Christwood, we offer ICSE board integrated. ICSE(Indian Certificates Secondary Educations) gives more practical knowledge and focus more on analytical skills

ICSE Pattern

The classes from Preparatory to Standard 8 follow a carefully structured curriculum that is constructed and edited by ourCurriculum Expert and is constantly renewed and revitalized. As per ICSE, The Anglo Indian Primary Syllabus may be followed.

The curriculum for the ICSE is broadly divided into three groups. Each student entering Class 9 opts for seven subjects fromthese three groups for a two years period of study till class 10. At the end of class 10, the student has to appear for an examination in the subjects he or she has studied.

  • Group I (Compulsory)
  • Group II (To opt for any two subjects)
  • Group III (To opt for one subject)