One of the primary objectives of Christwood, as its logo signifies would be to engage children in healthy physical and other activities. Activities in Christwood would spread over a range structured under

Field Sports

Every Student in Christwood would be nurtured in sporting activity. A team of certified coaches would ensure that all students find equal opportunities in sports. Students inclined to specialize in a sport of their choice would be offered suitable training and facilities. The school is in the process of signing up with Premier Clubs for international exposure for students in sports.

The School would offer facilities for students in football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, and badminton

Leadership & Life Skills

Personal etiquette, good communication skills, leadership abilities would help students fare well in their professional and personal lives. The school offers a well-structured leadership and life skill development program under the mentorship of leaders in industry, government and other areas.

Music & Theatre

Music enhances not only the creative abilities of the child but also improves a child’s emotional quotient and social abilities. Christwood’s Music Program would encourage all children to participate in musical events.

The School would structure programs for children to learn musical instruments and appear for international music examinations such as the Trinity School of Music.

Home Concerts would be a priority area of training in the school. Teachers with good musical exposure in premier music associations of the city would offer training to students to perform in concerts both at home and in public events.

Christwood Theatre Society will stage Plays to promote histrionic skills in children.

Drawing & Painting