Christwood School has associated with a leading Counselling Group in Chennai, Rapha U, to provide counselling and related services to the school. Rapha U’s team of experienced and highly qualified counsellors would provide the following services to Christwood School

  • Bimonthly visit by an occupational therapist to screen the children for slow learning, dyslexia, behavior and providing necessary training
  • Value Education classes according to the stages of psychosocial development
  • Periodic Parent Counselling to help in handling child behavioral tendencies

Other services offered by Rapha U include:

  • Providing psychological counselling services for general public through prior appointments. Contact no. 9444215617 / 9884415617.
  • Counselling appointments on referrals from other educational institutions.
  • Placement training and opportunities for school counsellors.
  • Marriage and Parenting seminars
  • Counselling courses for school counsellors.