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  • The Nature Club

    The main objective of this club is to promote awareness about nature. Nature includes wildlife, forests and the environment around us. We have to foster the concern for fauna and flora in the child. This helps the child to acquire values & skills needed to protect and improve natural environment
  • The Debating Club

    “I may be wrong and you may be right and, by an effort, we may get nearer the truth.”
    Karl Popper

    Debating teams, along with their coaches and other club members, prepare for tournaments and serve the broader school community. Parents, teachers, and community members are encouraged to participate. The topic is chosen and arrangements are made for the debate competition by the club members. This improves the thinking ability and boosts confidence of the child.
  • The Historical Club
    1. Group discussion are organized
    2. Guest speakers are invited to speak about specific fields in History
    3. Educational Tours are organized to Historical Places in India
  • The Astronomical Society
    Stars, Moon, Sun have always fascinated children. The children of this club conduct exhibitions, invite guests to speak about what’s happening in the astronomical world and activities related to the celestial world is conducted.
  • The Natural Resources Club
    It’s ever so important for the children to know and value the natural resources. This club conducts activities to reinforce the importance of using our natural resources, invite guests to speak about it, to conduct exhibitions etc.
  • The Heritage Club
    The objective of the Heritage Club is to create awareness to preserve & promote our rich ancient culture. Excursions or one day trips are arranged by this club to enable the children understand and appreciate the traditions, culture and religious diversity of our Country