Past Events

Past Events

TECH FIESTA - March 13, 2021

Tech Fiesta is a platform displaying innovation and creativity in Science, Engineering and Technology. Early this year, students were introduced to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and were given the opportunity to explore concepts through virtual simulations, group discussions and create their own model based on their findings. They were guided to develop and create Apps using Java and HTML scripts and create simple working models sketched and designed with materials available at home. It was an interesting and satisfying experience for both the teacher and the taught.

THANKSGIVING 2020 - March 24 & 25, 2021

Truly, there is no better way to end a different and extraordinary academic year, than with a thankful heart. Students and staff of Christwood had their Annual Day, in the form of a Thanksgiving programme, complete with music, dance and skits! Take a look, at the grand and fitting virtual celebration of God's goodness and protection, along with a message of hope and gratitude to all involved in making this academic year a success!

MUSIC RECITAL - April 3, 2021

Christwood Music recital for the primary section was held recently. While some of them showcased their skill at piano and classical guitar, others took to vocal performance rendering melodious tunes. It was an inspirational evening for our School children and for all who participated. Looking forward to more music in the coming academic year.


A short documentary on the Vedanthangal bird sanctuary, made and released by Vikalp Sangam talks about the importance of this bird sanctuary and why it needs to be preserved. Students of Christwood School had participated in a city wide art drive in order to raise awareness for the same. Two of our students from grade 10 are also featured in this short film expressing their views on why Vedanthangal must be saved not just for the birds that depend on this wetland but for all the humans that do too.

Independence Day – August 15, 2020

Christwood celebrated the 74th Independence Day online with the children participating digitally from home. Nevertheless, there was the same fervour and enthusiasm in the celebration, with the events ranging from debates to cultural program. The Chief Guest Mr. PCR. Suresh, Trustee, Christwood Educational Trust, hoisted the National Flag, while the School saluted and joined in the National Anthem.
I am a Citizen of India
As part of the Independence Day Celebrations, the little citizens of Christwood showcased a visionary insight into their aspirations of leading the Nation on the values of truth and justice. It was indeed a charming and delightful performance by the grades 1 and 2!
Provenance of Prominent People
Christwood Independence Day program of grades 3 to 5 was all about the spirit behind the Independence Movement. It set the youngsters ruminate on the upbringing and childhood experiences of the heroes of the freedom movement. A few of the students as freedom fighters took turns to narrate the story of courage and patriotism exhibited in the Freedom struggle. The program very appropriately ended with few lines from Pandit Nehru's famous speech " Tryst with Destiny."

Online Fun Day – July 17, 2020

It was like any other Friday for most of us locked down. But the Christwood Grade 1 & 2 students were gearing up for a fun filled hour with their class teachers.
On 17th July 2020, Grade ones were busy showcasing their array of talent on Christwood FUNDAY online meet while Grade twos were busy with their fashion show and display of their chef skills. Here's a sneak-peak of what happened!

Blended Learning by Dr. Senthil Kumaran – July 13, 2020

At Christwood, we believe in looking beyond today, and planning for tomorrow. The School hosted a webinar on "BLENDED LEARNING" on Monday, July 13, 2020. The speaker, Dr. A. Senthil Kumaran, Chief Confluencer, the Learners Confluence, focused on the need to engage the e-learners with digital resources as part of classroom teaching as well. He spoke about making learning rigorous, relevant and relationship based. His suggestions on websites, software and planning for classes were helpful. The School is looking forward to putting these ideas into practice both in the online and offline sessions.

Parenting during Lockdown by Dr. Rathna Isaac– June 13 & 20, 2020

These are challenging times we live in. Unprecedented as it is we are learning to come to terms with it. The severe restrictions and changes in lifestyle pose new challenges in every area of life and relationship, perhaps even more so when it comes to parenting. To extend support to the Parent community, Christwood School organised a two part online workshop for Parents of Grade 1 and Kindergarten on June 13 & 20, 2020. In the workshop titled “Parenting in times of Lockdown” the resource person, Dr. Rathna Isaac, an experienced Clinical Psychologist and relationship expert, dealt with some hard pressing questions and offered tips to alleviate the discomforts experienced, particularly during these trying times.

Vedanthangal's Artivism

In Chennai, the Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary faces a great threat and a large chunk of this bird paradise could be lost forever, due to the environmentally destructive development. In order to raise awareness about this, Christwood students, as part of The Ecology Project, contributed to the art drive for Vedanthangal and joined hundreds of others across the city, to express their concern and the need to preserve Vedanthangal. The artwork of some of our senior students appeared in news articles, which covered the story. Our students were also interviewed by the reporters and strongly expressed their views. This whole experience has been incredible for the children as they not only understood the power of art and enjoyed the thrill of seeing their work published, but it also reminded them of learning to speak up for Nature and all her creatures.

STEM (Can be placed under – Academics – STEM)

This is a video compilation of a STEM activity that was conducted for Grade 7 called the "The Egg drop experiment". STEM activities foster ingenuity and creativity. Builds resilience, encourages experimentation and team work. It enables application of knowledge and teaches problem solving.

Nature Journalism

The students of grade 8 undertook Nature Journalism, awe-inspiring fun past time, for the young minds as part of the School Ecology Project. The objective of this project is to look extra carefully at the world around, listen, smell, feel and take in Nature. The students continue to do this and many of their images were submitted to a worldwide City Biodiversity Watch, run by iNaturalist, with participants across the world.

Math Fiesta

Math Fiesta, a day that kindled the spirit of Mathematics in the young minds was organised in Christwood. Dr. R. Sivaraman, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, D.G. Vaishnav College and Founder of Pie Mathematics Association, was the guest of honour. The air was filled with the magic of numbers as students spontaneously gave out answers during their interaction with Dr. Sivaraman. Students came up with presentations, puzzles and games on various concepts they had learnt such as symmetry, tessellating patterns and many more. The students went ahead to research and learn new mathematical principles like Konigsberg Bridge, the Tower of Hanoi, the Four Colour Theorem, the Mobius Cuts and Puzzles on Cryptarithm and 8 Queen Problem, to name a few. It was a day where the students gained new ideas in their learning, had a wonderful experience and glimpse into the magic of Math.

4th School Day – Picturesque – February 21, 2020

Lights! Cameras! Action! Christwood School's 4th School Day, Picturesque 2020 was conducted on 21st February 2020. Chief Guest, Shri. Ruolkhumlien Buhril IAS, Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development, delivered the School Day address and handed out proficiency prizes for students along with Mr. Wilfred Davidar, IAS, Former Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu. Bertin Hanley of grade 2 was also given a citation for his recent entry into the India Book of Records. The entertainment began with students of grades 3, 4 and 5 putting up a choreo displaying the attire of different nations and Indian states, with students carrying the flags of various countries. This was followed by the story of Cinderella, charmingly enacted by the students of grade 1. There was also a skit by the students of grade 2, a product of their learning about Space and Planets. The highlight of the evening was the mini musical, God's Little Heroine, the story of Queen Esther. The play gave insight to what we do when we're in a fix- don't lose hope and just look up, for God is by your side. The entire programme was laced with graceful dances, by students of all grades. Guided by their teachers, students overcame inhibitions, worked hard and confidently put up a wonderful programme.

II Kindergarten School Day – February 20, 2020

Christwood School celebrated its 2nd Kindergarten School Day on 20th February 2020. Ms. F.D. Initha, Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, Chennai, delivered the Kindergarten School Day Address. It was a grand and glorious evening for proud parents and teachers alike as they watched their little ones adorned in bright, shimmering costumes, all geared up to capture hearts and deliver a powerful message through music, dance and skits. The first event of the evening was a theatrical adaptation of the biblical account of “Noah and The Ark”; a story about God’s love and man’s defiance culminating in a divine act of justice and mercy, giving mankind a second chance. “Has Man fared any better being given a second chance, poised at the helm of God’s creation? “ ; is the question that led to the second part of the evening’s program titled “Save Trees”. Through spectacular dance performances interspersed with humorous, witty skits, the kindergarteners of Christwood raised a loud cry for the cause. The evening came to a grand close as the audience rose to their feet and joined in with the tiny performers singing the “promise song”, a pledge to care for the environment as is our God given responsibility.

Biblical Storytelling – February 1, 2020

On February 1, 2020, Christwood School hosted a Storytelling Conference in collaboration with the Network of Biblical Storytellers International. Professional Storytellers from the United States of America, Canada and Australia, held workshops for delegates and storytelling enthusiasts from various schools in Tamil Nadu. The workshop included interesting topics, such as, Improving your Teaching with Biblical Storytelling, Godly Play, Storytelling and Music, Rapping a Story, and many more. It was an exciting day of fun and interaction wherein Teachers had the opportunity to enhance their teaching skills once more.

Music Concert – Christwood & Kodaikanal International School – February 14, 2020

Christwood in collaboration with the Kodaikanal International School held a music concert in the Christwood School campus on February 14, 2020 . Mr. Corey Stixrud, Principal, Kodaikanal International School and Dr. Adella Paul, Director, Madras Christian College Association were the guests of Honour. A demonstration concert was organized, to provide exposure to the music students of Christwood. Performances included a clarinet quartet, flute quartet, vocal octet, brass ensemble, violin duet, solos in alto saxophone, flute and cello. Later in the evening, there was a musical performance at the school quadrangle, witnessed by an appreciative audience comprising parents of Christwood and K.I.S . The Christwood performance included a woodwind, violin and ukulele ensemble followed by junior and senior choir. The repertoire of K.I.S ranged from the 60’s to the present day contemporary music. Performances of popular songs and instrumentals was a journey down the memory lane, for audience. The extravaganza came to a close with a majestic performance by the Kodaikanal International School Orchestra.

Bubbles day – December 6, 2019

“Bubbles Day was organised on the 6th of December for the Kindergarteners of Christwood. Laughter and squeals of delight resonated across the school grounds as the children blew bubbles and gleefully chased after the floating soapy skins that stretched, shrank and popped before them. Needless to say that this fun themed day was a huge hit!”

Christmas Celebration – December 4, 2019

Deck the halls indeed! Wednesday 5th December morning, Christwood was live with cheer and joy ushering in the Christmas Season. The rapture knew no bounds as the students participated and watched the variety -play accompanied by melodious music, puppet show, dance and choir with the spirit of Christmas reverberating across the campus. Gifting no doubt is the highlight of the season! Children were generous in their contribution, to friends and organizations associated with the School. The highlight of the day was the Love Feast, sharing food & eats with friends and others. Yet another season remembering the Birth of the Lord will be etched in the hearts and minds of Christwoodians!

KG Project Based Learning – Culmination Day – November 30, 2019

“Learning by Doing” is the conviction behind dedicating a day for Project Based Learning for the Kindergartners and Grades 1 & 2 at Christwood on Saturday November 30, 2019. Project Based Learning (PBL), an empowering teaching methodology helped children gain knowledge through active exploration on real-world topics. The kids showcased their projects on fish, ice cream, Butterflies, Fire Engine, rain and many more. It was hugely fulfilling day for both the teacher and the taught, and a relaxing one for the Parents!

Music Recital – November 16, 2019

Music Recital was held at Christwood this time round on Saturday 16th November 2019. Students of Grade 5 to 8 performed on Piano, with four hand piano as a special item. It was a debut performance for the junior Choir, led by Ms. Grace John. The special feature of the recital was the multi continental musical treat - western classical in German and English, a song in Latin, an Irish melody , a Jewish and a fun song too conducted by Mr. Emmanuel Prathap Singh. The Recital came to a close with a soul stirring performance by Christwood String Ensemble

Children's day – November 14, 2019

Project Day – Firmament – Season II – November 9, 2019

Firmament – Season II, the Project day at Christwood, on 9 November 2019, was an occasion that witnessed the creative and scholastic abilities in students unleashed. The event saw a display of a range of items from textiles, ancient languages to traditional fare. Students of the Primary showcased their talent and effort through Investigatory projects, storytelling and variety of festival delicacies depicting the diversity of our Nation. Grade 6 kids transported the visitors to a lively Village through folk dance and different art forms. An efficient solar cooker, fire alarm and adaptations in nature were some of the projects Grade 7 worked on and presented elegantly. The seniors of the school Grade 8 had as their theme sustainable agriculture with projects illustrating the theme through aquaponics, oyster mush room cultivation and vertical gardening. A special mention must be made about the investigatory project done by our student, on assessing the air quality in the school and in the surrounding areas. The effect of trees in enrichment of air quality was presented in a truly engaging manner. Skill, team work, enthusiasm and above all learning made Firmament Season II, a celebration of sorts.

Virtuoso – Western Music Competition - October 19, 2019

Christwood played host for VIRTUOSO, for the third successive year. From a over 300 entries across the Country, 70 were short listed for Piano and Vocal. Senior and eminent musicians, Mr. Augustine Paul and Mr. Srikanth Gnanasekaran evaluated the performance that varied from renaissance to modern and also the compulsory piece in Piano- a challenge to many. Alongside, the singers performed from Broadway musicals, Classical and contemporary pieces . Ms. Jayanthi Kamalaratnam and Mr. Ebenezer Arun Kumar, veteran musicians gave the verdict on the quality of performance. Certainly a fulfilling experience to witness the participation in VIRTUOSO swelling by the year!

Quest for Space Workshop for Grade 6 – October 17 to 19, 2019

Which colour will absorb more heat - black or white? That's easy. Which colour would cool faster in outer space? That's tricky! Twenty one students from Grade 6, had the unique opportunity to conduct experiments to find answers to questions relating to the phenomenon of Heat transfer on the Earth and in Space!! Over the three day workshop, students got a hint of mechanical, electrical and software engineering as they worked on assembling kits with the Arduino microcontroller and uploaded soft codes to the International Space Station. The excitement and curiosity that the Quest for Space workshop has kindled in our students, will surely see them making more quests in Space. The sky is not the limit anymore!

Trip to Elephant Rehabilitation Center, Marakannam – September 14, 2019

Students of grades 7 and 8 set off on a rather unusual trip to The Elephant Care facility and Biodiversity Centre in the village of Marakkanam, halfway between Chennai and Pondicherry. The main objective was for the students to experience a day in the life of these elephants at the camp- understand these magnificent giants and get know their quirks and personalities, and enjoy quality time with nature. Trekking through the Kurumbaram Reserve Forest, learning a bit about the herbal plants and trees, brought the group to the Camp. Here the important task was feeding the elephants with the endless supply of fruits and veggies and the students did this with gusto. After the super excitement of being able to hand feed elephants, they were given their next task. With the clue cards, they were sent off to track things on an outdoor nature trail using their various senses. This led them to a shaded mango grove where they relaxed, exchanging notes on what they had seen and experienced .This brought to an end a one -off experience for the youngsters to spend time in a bio-diverse environment and learn from and about nature!

4th Sports Festival – August 31, 2019

Christwood celebrated the 4th Sports Festival on Saturday, August 31, 2019. Mr. B. Mohan, former Inspector General and Chief Security Commissioner, Indian Railways, took the salute, as the different house contingents marched past. After the lighting of torch and oath taking, the chief guest declared the Sports Festival open. The 3 hours that followed saw children from grades 1 to 8 showcasing their talent in variety of sporting events .While the younger ones danced and exercised with balloons, fancy ribbons and pom poms, the older ones raced across the field and enthralled the spectators with their speed, skill and strength. Parents had their chance too to compete! The day came to a close with the announcements of Championship and closing ceremony. As the School flag was lowered to the strains of “Abide with Me” curtains were drawn on the 4th Annual Sports Festival.

2nd Kindergarten Sports Festival – August 30, 2019

Christwood school celebrated its 2nd Kindergarten Sports Festival on August 30, 2019. The Guests of honor Major M.R. Bhavani of the Indian Army and Dr. Nithila Devakarunyam, Principal, St Christopher’s College of Education graced the occasion, participating in the opening ceremony and witnessing the colorful and enchanting pageantry by the tiny tots.

Independence Day Celebrations – August 15, 2019

Christwood commemorated with jubilance and enthusiasm the 73rd Independence of our Nation. It was a joy to have the parents and higher grade students participate in the celebrations, in spite of the inclement weather. The chief guest of the day Lt. Col. Deepak Raj Masanagatta of the Indian Army hoisted the National flag and conveyed an important message on always remembering and honoring the freedom fighters of India. He also had a word of caution for the children, to be alert and take the right decision at every turn . The Cultural program that followed, showcased the varied talents of children. Speeches in Tamil, English and Hindi highlighting the need for patriotic spirit, a grade 2 kid delighting the audience, listing out the States, Union Territories and their Capitals. A group of vibrant children through a “Villupattu” communicated the importance of conserving water, the very precious resource. The higher class students enacted a short play to drive home the message of peace, love and hope .The day’s events came to a close with the school choir rendering the triumphant number “ We shall Overcome”. It is our hope and prayer that the Christwoodians would grow up to be patriotic and free citizens of Our Motherland.

Launch - SUPW – Carpentry & Embroidery Sessions – August 1, 2019

Grand Parents Day - August 9, 2019

Christwood Kindergarten celebrated the Grand Parents Day this year with much gusto on Friday 9th August. The Senior Parents were warmly welcomed and got to watch with rapture their little ones’ activities and performances, while they took turn to entertain the kids with singing and storytelling. After relaxing with teachers over refreshments, it was play time at the central courtyard. It was a pleasure to watch the seniors competing with each other for the first place! Watching the guests leaving the Campus with a sapling in their hands, Christwood felt justified in setting apart a day for connecting the generations and in the course of that increase respect and appreciation for Senior Citizens in general.

Music Recital – July 27, 2019

"Music is an agreeable harmony for the honour of God and the permissible delights of the soul." This was the experience in letter and spirit as the Christwoodians enthralled the audience with their musical skill in the evening of Saturday, 27 July .The Recital started off with a bang, with the students on piano performing a variety, ranging from compositions of J.S. Bach to contemporary pieces. The vocal performance had a variety of classicals by George Fredric Handel and other famous composers. They also performed pieces from musicals like Disneyland, The Jungle Book, Walt Disney’s Bambi and few other pieces by Beethoven and Bach. The highlight of the evening was the Harmonica solo by Mahil Daphne of Grade 6 that enraptured the crowd. Music Recital was an occasion to showcase the musical talent of Christwood with the staff and student choir performing pieces ranging from contemporary Gospels to Negro Spirituals and few other challenging pieces. Above all Musical Recital served as a platform for the students to glorify God with the talents he has bestowed.

Trip to Palm Country Resort – July 20, 2019

Christwoodians of grades 3 to 5 set off on a trip to Palm Country on a bright and sunny Saturday. Dirtying their hands on the ploughing grounds of Palm Country the students experienced the labor and sweat involved in bringing food to their tables. It was fun time too, with dancing and a magic show that lit up their faces. They could also get a glimpse of the theatres in olden times as against the plush ones they frequent now. The trip ended with a bullock cart ride- something they could never dream of in their city life! Palm Country was a memorable and wholesome experience for the children.

Trip to Marine Kingdom - July 20, 2019

Environment Day – June 14, 2019

"Our ENVIRONMENT is our RESPONSIBILITY”. This was effectively conveyed by the Christwood children on the Environment Day. Celebrating Environment Day is a meaningful way of creating awareness among children about the hazardous state of our Environment, which has become a global concern. Grade 8 students made a presentation on "Pollution – Cause and Effect", giving tips on simple yet effective ways of preserving the environment, making it pollution free.

Team University of Valley Forge – June 28 to July 8, 2019

Christwood welcomed back on campus team “University of Valley Forge (UVF)” from Pennsylvania, USA. This is the second team visit due to the Christwood – UVF collaboration. The UVF team comprising four students and a faculty member visited Christwood in the first week of July. The team UVF actively participated in all the school activities, taking on roles as co-facilitators, observers and volunteers. For grade 7, it was a great opportunity to get doubts clarified on their history lesson, American Revolution. During morning assembly, the visiting team presented short skits to drive home messages for good habit formation. Christwoodians joined team UVF in celebrating American Independence Day on 4th July. There was a short workshop for teachers where Prof. Rebecca Wills, Professor of Psychology shared the different techniques that could help to handle challenges posed by students. The week long visit came to a close with a session wherein, the visiting team interacted with children, playing games, discussing various aspects of school life and handling life situations

Beginning of a New Year – June 3, 2019

After the long and dry spell of summer, it was a pleasure to see the Christwood campus coming to life with the chatter and laughter of the children .The School’s fourth academic year began on Monday, 3rd June, 2019, with the morning worship. Here is a glimpse of the start of a new academic year.

Student Retreat by Mr. Gabriel Thomasraj of Impact Foundation – April 11, 2019

The academic year 2018-19 came to a close with a meaningful and refreshing Retreat held at school wherein 70 students of Grades 5 to 7 participated. A music & activity team headed by Mr. Gabriel Thomasraj of Impact Foundation had all that required to keep the youngsters on their toes. After the tight exam schedule, the Retreat on the one hand, provided a time of relaxation with melodious music and games, while on the other, a time of reflection and learning. The importance of adhering to Christian values and Christ-centered life was conveyed in a lucid manner through anecdotes and analogies. Sharing their life transforming experiences by some of the team members, had the desired impact on the students. The Retreat was indeed a Blessing; the simple proof was they asked for more sessions in the coming year! This was yet another step by Christwood towards the pursuit of Christian Excellence.

Baby League Football

Christwood School Participated in a big way in the last season of Baby League Football matches. Aspiring Christwoodians registered under different category and had a great time of football during the league period. The School Play Field was a perfect setting for the football enthusiasts who were divided into three major category - under 9, under 11, and under 13. Baby League was first initiated in the year 2018 by AIFF (All India Football Federation). AIFF’S aim is to popularise the game of football and promote it throughout India. 20 Sports Academies have been selected as operators in Tamil Nadu. The academic year 2018-19 came to a close with a meaningful and refreshing Retreat held at school wherein 70 students of Grades 5 to 7 participated.

Jolly Phonics Workshop – April 5 & 6, 2019

With the support of our Head of Early Childhood Education Mrs. Prema Daniel, Christwood School was able to organise a fun filled learning workshop on Jolly Phonics. We had Ms. Shainaz Jussa, the founder of PhonicKids, Mumbai come down and train our teachers on Jolly Phonics. Ms. Shainaz introduced our teachers the Jolly Phonics methodology which helps children to read, spell and speak in English. The participants were from our Kindergarten to Grade 2 teachers and all English teachers. We also had teachers from three guest schools - MCC School & St. Christopher’s Academy from Chennai and the Mission Tribal School from Odisha joining this workshop. Two days of intense learning with lot of fun activities and deep involvement, helped our teachers to understand the techniques and methodology of teaching through phonics.

KG Graduation Day – March 29, 2019

Our theme Reach for the Stars - Arise and Shine was apt for the Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony held on 29th March 2019 as our young graduands were all bright and excited to step into the new adventure. They were seated orderly as the graduation procession began with KG teachers, Our Head - Early Childhood Education, Trustee, Guest of Honour and Principal walked into our hall. The K1 choir wished the graduands with a meaningful song “Our God is so good”. The Chief Guest for the day was Former Principal of SBOA, Mrs. P.C. Selvarani, who addressed the Parents and also presented the certificate. Ceremony was worthwhile as our children understood that it was a solemn program and a day that cannot be forgotten in their lifetime.

MUSIC RECITAL – March 09, 2019

The first Music recital of Christwood School was held on the 9th of March, 2019 at the school campus. Mr. Augustine Paul (the Music Director of Madras Musical Association) was the chief guest for the event. The guest performance was by Organized Chaos, a male voice Barbershop quartet. Their performance was a great inspiration to the students. The recital started with a time of praise and worship, led by Mrs. Dulcie David and accompanied by the guitar students from grade 3 to 7. Following this, was performances by a couple of Soloists - Deborah from Grade I and Miraclin from Grade IV. With their mellifluous voices, they performed pieces from the 'Sound of Music' and 'Joseph and his multicoloured coat' respectively. The piano soloists - Judith Johnson from Grade VI, Chris Prince from Grade IV and Matthew Lazarus from Grade IV - gave splendid performances on the piano. The Recorder and Violin students put up a spectacular performance of hymns with orchestral arrangements. The Mini Orchestra was conducted by Christwood's Violin teacher, Mr. Selvakumar. Next was the Ukulele Ensemble, which played interesting pieces like Joyful Joyful, Choral Fantasy and Fur Elise by Beethoven. The Grand Finale for the evening was the performance by the Christwood School Choir. A variety of songs ranging from Classical to Contemporary, Musicals to Modern genres were presented by the choir. The harmony was pleasant to hear and their melodious voices, a treat to the ears. We look forward to seeing many more recitals in the upcoming years as the school is blessed with amazing talents in music. May God be glorified and souls refreshed through all the musical activities of Christwood School.


A wonderful evening where the stage was transformed into a talent show mesmerising the audience - 22nd February 2019 was Christwood School's 3rd School Day “PICTURESQUE”. The school was elegantly decorated and it wore a jubilant look. Director General of Police, Dr. Prateep Philip, IPS, was the chief guest. Delivering the School day address, Dr. Prateep Philip, IPS, appreciated the strong Christian values of the school and its focus on nurturing excellence. Underlying the importance of sowing the seeds of excellence early in one’s childhood, Dr. Philip expounded on how those seeds can one day blossom s cedars of Lebanon. Principal, Mrs. Annie Mohan, presented the Christwood School Annual Report. The evening's entertainment began with an enthralling and a well orchestrated choreography followed by a recitation which had a message on the harmful effects of television. A lovely melodious slumber song was rendered by Grade 2 students. The school's choir presented soulful numbers and livened the evening with their spectacular rendition. Followed by this was dazzling dance performances by students of grades 1-7. A skit about a lost chick was enacted by students from grade 1, and also a unique Chinese dance by students of grades 3 and 4 kept the audience glued to their seats. The grand finale for the day was the play titled “ Silent Woody” that sent a powerful message - the value of a tree that stands firm in one place but beautifies the surroundings, purifies air, acts as sound barriers, manufactures precious oxygen, and helps save energy through their cooling shade in summer and their wind reduction in winter. We praise the Lord and give thanks to Him, for all His goodness on this very special day.

PICTURESQUE, KG School Day - February 21, 2019

“Picturesque” KG School Day witnessed the tiny tots of the Kindergarten students of Christwood unveil an array of charm on February 21, 2019. The guests for the evening were Mr. Andrew A. Hoover, Head of School, The American International School, Chennai and Ms. Janaka Pushpanathan, Director, South India, British Council. Principal, Ms. Annie Mohan gave the welcome address and presented the School Annual Report. The performance filled evening began with Pre KG students welcoming the gathering with the Welcome Dance, followed by a Fusion Dance by all students of Kindergarten. KG 1, students performed a scintillating musical play. KG 2 kept the audience spellbound with their action song. Christwood, also proudly showcased the Kindergarten choir who sang melodious songs. The evening wrapped up with a play on Bedtime stories and a mind-blowing dance performance by the KG 1 students. The guests, parents, grandparents and friends enjoyed and appreciated the commendable performances by the students and also applauded the meticulous planning and execution of the events. [huge_it_gallery id="65"]

Republic Day - January 26, 2019

It was a delight for us at Christwood to have Mr. Pradeep John, our very own Tamil Nadu Weatherman, the Pluviophile (lover of rain) as Chief Guest for the 70th Republic Day celebrations. Loads of events were planned for the day. Standing with pride and patriotism students from Pre - KG to grade 7 were smartly assembled for the Republic Day celebrations, as Mr. Pradeep John hoisted our National Flag. This was followed by inspiring speeches in Hindi, an energetic skit in Tamil, an amazing choreo and a well coordinated pyramid by students from Grades 1 to 7. It echoed the significance of this day. The effusiveness of the day did not stop here, our kids in their own classrooms had variety of activities to explore and learn from. The KG classrooms were resplendent in with the tricolour, while our primary kids learnt through fun filled activities about the laws and the significance of the Constitution. 'Sunnyside Up', an exhibition, organised by our Grade 6 & 7 students, displayed models on natural disaster, weather and climate, and instruments used to record weather. It was much appreciated by our Chief Guest and parents. The day was further enlivened by an interesting interactive session with the Tamil Nadu Weatherman Mr. Pradeep John who took our children through basics of weather forecasting and methods of weather recordings.

Christmas Celebrations – December 6, 2018

Festooned with wreaths, tinsels and streamers, and each class decked with their own creative ideas, our campus wore a colourful festive look for a Pre - Christmas celebration. The essence of Christmas came alive with melodious carols by our staff choir and students choir. A meaningful tableau depicting the true meaning of Christ was performed by our students. Our little kindergarten children enacted the Nativity scene and danced to the tune of “Jesus my Saviour” Kids from Karunyam Home visited our school and were enthralled by the performances done by our students. Christmas at Christwood never ends without sharing and giving with love. Our students cheerfully gifted provisions for the Karunyam kids which added up to the joy. The spree of celebrations wrapped up with all of us together having a scrumptious love feast! On December 7, 2018, some students from Grades 5, 6 and 7 visited Asha Home in Egmore with gifts collected during the White Gifts Ceremony. They had a short program followed by gift-giving. It was a memorable time for many children

Children's Day – November 14, 2018

Our Children all dressed in their favourite outfit, colourful and bright were ready to enjoy, for it was their special day - Children's Day, Chacha Nehru's birthday. Excitement surrounded the entire Christhood campus. Our day started with prayer and the programs planned for the day began. A beautiful choreography was performed by our teachers followed by a humorous skit with one of our teachers dressed in our school uniform. A very valuable lesson was learnt through the skit. Next our PT masters, Dance masters and our male faculty performed a mind boggling dance with great stunts by them too. The day wrapped up with our juniors watching the movie 'Shrek' and our seniors thoroughly enjoyed games planned by our PT masters. These precious ones are truly a gift from the Lord and a reward from Him.

Virtuoso 2018 – October 27, 2018

Christwood School hosted the finals for VIRTUOSO 2018, a formal western music competition that envisions bringing together young musicians in the process of formal instruction in western music. VIRTUOSO is currently the only competition of its kind in the city, providing a platform for this young talent to perform outside of practice drills and examinations. This was VIRTUOSO’s second year running, and the number of online registrations for the competition grew from 175 last year to 353 registrations this year. We were pleased to have competitors from Delhi, Mizoram, Mussoorie and Bangalore as well! 72 finalists were selected for the categories of singing solo, violin and piano. 5 Choirs also made it into the finals. We were honoured to have, as our judges, well-known and well-reputed musicians of western music from Chennai city. Dhruva Seshadhri and John Pettigrew judged the pianists. Maxyn Kingston and Pallavi Venkatarangam marked the solo singers and the choirs, while Selvakumar and Earl Joseph judged the violinists. All judging pairs were pleased with the talent that showed up for the finals, and were enthusiastic in conducting short master classes for each of the categories before the valedictory function, that marked the end of the programme with performances by some of the judges and all the first place winners of the various categories.

Christwood Sports Festival – August 25, 2018

On your mark get set go.!!! Yes the much awaited day, Christwood School’s, 3rd Annual Sports Festival began. The day was pleasant, canopied with a misty cloud- a perfect boost for students, teachers & parents. Our primary kids all dressed colourfully in their sports uniform, prim and proper were set to do the walk past, with glittery props and banners, shiny flags and placards with spirit filled slogans, a joie de vivre - our Sports Festival commenced with the battalion marching perfectly to the beat of the police band, proudly with heads held high, followed by the four houses - the Amethyst in ambitious purple, Jasper in courageous red, Topaz in Energetic yellow and Turquoise in robust blue. It was a sight to behold! Amidst great mirth, vigour and enthusiasm, our CEO, Mr. Alfred Devaprasad, introduced our distinguished guests, Olympian Riaz Nabi Mohammed – Arjuna Awardee and former captain Indian Field Hockey Team and Mr. Jayashankar Menon, Former Captain of the Indian Basketball Team. Our Sports meet was declared open by Mr. Riaz Nabi Mohamed, marking the commencement of the Sports day. Throughout the events, our exuberant parents, constantly applauded and cheered our students. Sports day wrapped up with the medal giving ceremony by our Guest of honour giving away the medals and also the much expected trophy for the overall championship won by, Amethyst was received by the captain of this House. The Sports day came to an end with the School flag handed over to our Head of School, Mrs. Leela Abraham and in turn given to our Sports director. Mr. Punniyamurthi for safe keeping. The closing ceremony ended with the National Anthem being sung and it was such a joyous occasion and we thank and give all glory and honour to our Lord Jesus for helping us have a successful Sports Festival!

Guests at Christwood

Principal Kodaikanal International School visits Christwood Principal of one of India’s elite residential school, the 117 year old Kodaikanal International, Mr. Corey Stixrud visited Christwood and interacted with the students and teachers.

Disaster Preparedness & Puppet Show from our International Visitors

Christwood hosted Ms. Rebecca Simonette a Senior Research Assistant at UT Health in the field of Dermatology, Mr. Travis Bussey, Director Disaster Management and Ms. Vicky Simoneaux from USA. Grades 4 to 7 had a session on "Disaster Preparedness" presented by Mr. Travis Bussey. Grades 1 to 3 had a fun time with puppets hosted by Ms. Vicky Simoneaux and Ms. Rebecca Simonette.

KG Sports Festival – August 24, 2018

The first kindergarten sports festival of Christwood School was held on 24 August 2018 at the school grounds. Under the canvas of a beautiful sky and a pleasant breeze, the tiny tots of Christwood came together to display their zeal, camaraderie and sportsmanship. The school was honoured to welcome as the Chief Guests, Mr. Jayasankar Menon and Mrs. Prasanna Jayasankar, former Captains of the Indian National Basketball Team, and Mr. PWC Davidar IAS, the Additional Chief Secretary and Transport Secretary for the Tamil Nadu government and Mrs. Shanthi Davidar. The day which was a fun filled fest of laughter, energy and delight ended with a rendition of the National Anthem.

Independence Day Celebrations - Aug 15, 2018

Christwood School celebrated this year's Indian Independence Day on 15th August 2018 with a flag hoisting, followed by a short program on the importance of freedom. Children of grades 4-7 were dressed in colourful ethnic wear as they entered the school. The flag was hoisted by the chief guest Mr. Vivek Harinarain, IAS (R), former IT Secretary of Tamil Nadu. The indoor program began with a welcome speech by Shaun, the school representative, followed by speeches in Tamil and Hindi, dances, and a tableau. The theme of the day was celebrating our freedom to make the right choices. The day ended with the chief guest visiting the classrooms that were decorated in Independence Day themes and colours.

Visit to Guindy park - July 11, 2018

Trip to Dhakshinachitra

A visit to the past it was!! Dakshinachitra – an exciting cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyle, crafts and performing arts of South India. All excited and enthralled, our students were first welcomed with a stunning performance by bommalattam artists (a puppet show - one of the oldest art forms of South India). This was followed by a magical show by a magic artist which had our children thrilled! No sooner was this over, oxen’s on a bullock cart were waiting to take us all on a jolly ride around. It was indeed an unforgettable one! More exciting things were waiting, the guide of Dakshinachitra, took us to visit all the authentic historical houses with contextual exhibitions in each house. Our students enjoyed examining each details displayed there from the spices, the vessels, the furniture, the drawings, art work, the metals used, the weapons, the ancient language script , the form of pottery making, the bead jewellery, the different clothes they wore, weavers weaving silk threads, and more. It transported us into the cultural milieu. It truly was “a picture of the south”

Visit to Guindy Park

The students of Grades 1 and 2 of Christwood School visited the Guindy national park on 11.7.2018 for their field trip. Students eagerly entered the park at 10 a.m. The first stop was the snake park, where the children ooh-ed and aah-ed over snakes of different sizes and colours. The excitement went up even more as they saw crocodiles and alligators. After that, the children visited the Children's park. Exclaiming over peacocks, deer, monkeys and jackals, the children seemed to have a really good time. The highlight of the trip, however, was when the children were allowed to play in the play area in the park. Shouts of glee and joy resounded all over the place as the Christwood children played on the swings, slides and jungle gyms. The children had lunch with their classes and then returned to school.

Beginning of a new academic year

Happy to open a new academic year with all ‘Christwoodian Friends’. The year began with a lot of activity. Director of Globus Medical Inc. USA Mr. David Davidar visited the school. It was also a week of fun filled learning for Christwood Children with a team from the University of Valley Forge, U.S.A. The American graduates led by Ms. Sarah Peppel, Director of Student Success & Career Services spent a week at Christwood, bringing in different international methodologies of teaching & learning. Here are a few photographs of the joyous learning at Christwood.

KG2 Graduation Day

Take a peek into our tiny tots walk into the dawning of a new academic era in their lives. Our upper Kindergarten graduands proudly received their graduand caps from Mrs. Sarah Davidar. Regent university, Virginia, USA. True to Harry Tubman's words "Every great dream begins with a dreamer". God bless your dreams our little dreamers.

2nd SCHOOL DAY - PICTURESQUE - March 17, 2018

Christwood School celebrated its Second School Day – Picturesque on Saturday, 17 March, 2018. The event began at 5:30 in the evening, and welcomed as its Guests of Honour, Dr. K. Sivakumar, Head Head of Paediatric Cardiology & Senior Consultant, Madras Medical Mission and Ms. Ashlie Menard, Vice Consul, U.S. Consulate General, Chennai. Both special guests were encouraging in their addresses to the school and parents. Dr. K. Sivakumar was appreciative of a wholesome education that helps individual children to grow, not only in knowledge, but in character and talent. Ms. Ashlie Menard spoke of the diversity of people and cultures, but also pointed out the commonality of the similarities, and the importance of bringing children up to recognise these similarities so that they might appreciate the differences. The Head of School presented the school annual report, and then the entertainment began with the kindergarteners starting the programme. After that it was one-and-a-half hours of pure entertainment that was very well received and appreciated by all those who attended it.

Christwood's 2nd Sports Festival - February 3, 2018

Christwood School's Second Annual Sports Festival was held on February 3, 2018. The school was honoured to welcome as Chief Guest Mrs. Sonal Chandra, I.P.S., the Superintendent of Police, Civil Supplies CID of the Chennai Zone. Mr. Jestes Antony, a world-renowned Indian football juggler and football coach to the under-19 state team, put up an impressive show for the students who were awed and impressed by his master jugglery with the football. Both the testimony he later shared, and the address by the Chief Guest encouraged parents and students alike to explore the various talents the children possess and then to help them excel in the areas of their interest. The school parade was led by a police band followed by a battalion of Christwood children. This was followed by an array of sports events. The kindergarteners took part in obstacle races, and were a joy to watch as they exhibited spontaneous dexterity. The second half of the races saw the primary school children competing for the individual championship trophies. The day ended with the solemn notes of Auld Lang Syne soughing through the grounds while the school flag was lowered and handed over to the Head of School for safe keeping.


The School observed the 69th Indian Republic Day Celebrations on January 26, 2018. We had the privilege of Mr. David Davidar hoisting the national flag. Pastor. Joel Kolb, Associate Pastor of Hopewell Christian Fellowship in Telford, PA and his son Martin Kolb accompanied Mr. David Davidar. Pastor. Joel Kolb shared God's word. The flag hoisting was followed by a pyramid demonstration. The guests visited the Kindergarten classes and a display of India in the pre-Independence and post-independence era. The children of Christwood assembled a collection of entertainment events displaying the rich history and diverse background of India.

Christwood’s Christmas Program - December 13, 2017

Christwood School celebrated this year’s Christmas program on Wednesday 13th December 2017. The program began with the Kindergarten children displaying a tableau of the Nativity. Tiny tots climbed up the stage dressed as Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, Angels and Shepherds, in a happy chaos of colour and fun. Then, the choir children performed a beautiful rendition of songs, including the Carol of the Bells, with the Staff choir chiming in with the harmony. After that, children from the Primary section put up skits, songs and dances, reminding us of the truth behind the birth of Jesus, and the reality of His presence with us to this day. The official program ended with carols by a choir of parents and teachers. It was a fun filled afternoon that day, with passing parcels, love feast, card making and the treasure hunt which was the grand finale that brought the festivities to an end.The Christmas spirit lingered in the school till the end of the term. Decorations decked the halls and music played through all non class hours

Children's Day Celebrations - November 14, 2017

Our Christwood campus bloomed on Children's day with laughter and giggles as our children enjoyed watching their teachers recite a story with a skit. What a delightful moment it was to see the children having fun on this special day.

Virtuoso - Music Competition - November 11, 2017

On 11th November, 2017, Christwood School conducted its final round of Virtuoso successfully. After weeks consisting of registrations and an online preliminary round, Virtuoso culminated in a programme that showcased young talent in formal western music, not only from Chennai, but also other places like Coimbatore and Vellore. Virtuoso was conceived with the vision of providing a platform for children who are formally engaged in western music, to perform, be it instrumental, voice, choir singing or musical theatre. It is also hoped, that in knowing such a platform exists, children and their guardians might be encouraged to take formal western music more seriously. Maxyn Kingston, Pallavi Venkatarangam, Mathew Dilip and John Pettigrew made up the panel of judges for the event. Each of them is gifted and well-known in their field of western music. They sportingly took to the stage to give the participants and their guardians a taste of what these young children can aspire to.

Kinder Cooking - November 10, 2017

The students enjoyed the day and participated themselves in the making of Cheese Sandwiches, Cheese Corn Masala, and Sandwich Biscuits.

Primary Field Trip to Air Force Station - October 28, 2017

On 28th October, 2017 the Christwood's primary school went on a field trip to the Coast Guard Air Base in Meenambakkam. The students, on arrival, were shown into a hall where they were briefed on the workings of the Coast Guard and view a short video. The students learned about the origins of the Coast Guard, its importance and its service to the country. They were then lead around to the hangars where they saw the air crafts used for patrol and rescue operations. Certain features of the craft were explained in detail by the personnel on duty. It was an exciting experience for the students.

XSEED Coaching - October 27, 2017

XSEED Educational Coach Ms. Rebecca visited the campus for observation and demonstration classes. She held a session for teachers on “Time Management & Class Management.

Dots & Stripes - October 27, 2017

The theme of the day was “Dots & Stripes”, various activities were conducted based on the theme. Children learnt the shapes associated with the theme.

Medical Inspection - October 26, 2017

A team of doctors from Tagore Medical College and Hospital held a medical camp for the students . The inspection included general physical examination, eye and dental check.

Knowing Christ Series - October 25, 2017

Mrs. Dulcie David, our Life Skills Teacher spoke to the student of Grade 3 to 6 on “God's Promises”.

Camelin Art Contest - October 24, 2017

Camelin Art Competition was held for both Primary and Kindergarten Students on October 24, 2017. The various themes were “Fish & Butterfly” for Kindergarten and “My Pet Animal”, “Save Trees, Save Life” and “Life on Planet Earth” for Primary.

Workshop on Child Safety - October 17, 2017

Ms. Linda from Women of Worth Fearless Project had a productive time with the teachers on the importance of awareness on child sexual abuse and the challenges in building a safe campus.

Experiment Day - October 13, 2017

Simple experiments were done to illustrate some basic science phenomena. The concept of floating and sinking was demonstrated to students using stones, sponge, pebbles and thermocol balls.

ACSI - October 10, 2017

Association of Christian School International (ACSI) head quartered in Colorado Springs USA is a network of Christian Schools to facilitate academic and other collaborations. Senior Vice President Mr. Mike Kepp and Vice President Dr. David Wilcox visited Chennai on October 10, 2017. Christwood School in association with ACSI coordinated a Principal's Conference on October11,2017 in Radisson Blu, Chennai. Around 60 educational administrators from Tamil nadu, Kerala and Karnataka participated in the Conference. Later a follow up meeting was held in MCC on October 11, 2017.

Spell Bee - October 6, 2017

Spell Bee International Examination was conducted on October 6, 2017.

Christwood Firmament Science Expo - September 23, 2017

To initiate children into project based learning, School held “FIRMAMENT” - Exploration' showcasing student projects in Math and Science. Daniel Chellappa, Senior Scientist (TCW), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) & Technical Coordinator, Central Expert Group, Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project inaugurated the Expo. Planetarium, Talking Skeleton, Maze, and Magic square dance were amongst a few of the prominent exhibits. The Kindergarten was transformed to a 'sea of blue' and 'host of forest greenery'. KG students adorned beautifully as aquatic, farm and wild animals presented animal characteristics in their habitat. Children evinced great enthusiasm bringing to fore innovation, creativity and presentation skills.

Women of Worth - What is Prayer - September 19, 2017

Ms. Wendy from Women of Worth visited the school along with Ms. Kavitha Jayakaran and Ms. Linda on September 19, 2017. She held a session for teachers on “Prayer”.

Parent Open Day - September 16, 2017

Bringing School and Parents together help children to achieve academic success and a positive attitude towards school life for children. The school organized a Parent Workshop “Guiding your Child to Excellence” Ms. Dulcie David was the resource person. Parents later met the teachers for discussion on the progress made by their wards.

Knowing Christ Series - September 14, 2017

Pastor Abraham Thomas spoke on “Manna”, the food, God provided his children in the wilderness.

Field Trip to “The Farm” – September 8, 2017

The children of kindergarten were taken to “The Farm” in Semmenchery to experience and learn about farm animals on Friday September 8, 2017. The children were all excited to see the different farm animals. They were showed how food is grown and how animals are raised. The children were offered fresh baked biscuits and fruit juice. Overall it was an amazing experience for the students and teachers.

Celebration of Colours – Blue August 18, 2017

Blue is calming colour and highlights creativity and intelligence. The significance of the colour was emphasised as both students and teachers dressed in blue on August 18, 2017. The Kindergarteners of Christwood indulged in a month-long fest of fun-filled activities based on the colour blue.

Independence Day Celebrations – August 15, 2017

Col. Baljinder Singh a Pilot of the Indian Army was the chief guest for the Independence Day celebrations and hoisted the National flag. The flag salute was followed by the national anthem. Patriotism and love for the country are important virtues that the school nurtures. A celebration followed the flag hoisting event . The event included a cultural line up of patriotic dances, skits, and speeches by students. Distribution of sweets marked the culmination of the celebrations.

Celebration of Colours - Yellow July 28, 2017

The Kindergarteners explored the colour Yellow by sketching, coloring and other ways. Learning about the different facets of the colour Yellow was a process that culminated with the entire KG in Yellow Dress on the Yellow Day.

Nature Club Inauguration – July 21, 2017

Awareness on nature and environmental issues are a very important aspect of contemporary learning. Christwood’s vast campus gives a good opportunity for children to engage with nature. The nature club of Christwood was inaugurated on Friday July 21, 2017. The objective of the club is to create awareness among the children about the need to keep their surroundings green and clean. Representatives of Grades 3 to 6 spoke briefly on the different ways this can be done. A small green house was erected close to the classrooms inside which vegetable and flower seeds were planted in grow-bags and Pots.

Parent Orientation: July 15, 2017

Orienting parents on academic and other aspects of the school is a very important event. Parents are called in batches for an interaction with the senior management team of the school and teachers. This year’s parent orientation was conducted on Saturday July 15, 2017. The programme commenced with Praise & Worship. Head of School Dr. LeelaAbraham, addressed the Parents. The Academic Coordinator Mr. Premkumar briefed the parents on the curriculum and assessment method and Ms. SarigaLazarus, the Event Coordinator gave a presentation on English & Communication curriculum. The programme concluded with some important information to the parents, who later visited the classrooms and interacted with the teachers.

MOU with MIRRA Charitable Trust: July 12, 2017

Mirra proposes to provide Consultancy Services to Christwood School from June 2017. The main Objective is to enable the school to implement educational practices for children across various spectrum of learning.

Red Day Celebrations – Jun 30, 2017

Kindergarteners at Christwood celebrated RED DAY on Friday 30 June, 2017.The preparations for the Day started early, with the kids, colouring, sketching and drawing in red. The class rooms were well themed with children’s work highlighting the RED colour. The Pre Kindergartners who have just made entry into the School were delighted to find red colour fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, plums, chillies and dates hung all around the classroom The children were busy working on their craft work for the take away gifts like, apple craft, finger print flower, lollypop and hand puppets. With the entire KG dressed in Red, it brought to focus the symbolism, the emotion and the beauty of the colour RED

Visit of Globus Medical CEO – June 23, 2017

On 23 June, 2017, Christwood welcomed to its premises the Chairman and CEO of Globus Medical Inc., Mr. David C Paul. During his visit, he spent time on the various aspects of the functioning of Christwood. Students were excited as they presented their projects and learning in a classroom setting. Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu Mr. P.W.C. Davidar I.A.S interacted with the students and commended their skill sets. CEO of Covenant Consultants Mr. Joshua Madan, Board members of Christwood, Dr. Shanthi and Ms. Rebecca Devaprasad were present on the occasion.

Annual Day Celebrations – Mar 24, 2017

On March 24, 2017, Christwood celebrated its first School Day. Honouring the occasion with his presence was the Director of CMC, Vellore, Dr. Sunil Chandy and Chairman & Managing Director TUFDICO, Mr. PWC Davidar Davidar. His address to the parents was informative and meaningful. After the usual round of reports and speeches the entertainment began under the glowing lantern-light of the evening. The children performed many dance numbers with a few songs by the student choir. They also staged  a short skit on David and Goliath that was set to rap music. The programme ended with a photo session on stage to celebrate the first steps taken by the school in its first year.

Christwood First Annual Sports Festival

Christwood hosted its first Annual Sports Festival on 25th February, 2017. The sports field was transformed into a festive collage of shamiyanas and flags. The Chief Guests of the event were Mr. K. M. Mammen, Chairman and Managing Director of MRF Limited and Ms. Ratna Mukherjee, the Cultural and Exchanges Specialist of the U.S. Consulate General, Chennai. Mr. PWC Davidar IAS and Dr. Shanthi Davidar distributed medals and prizes. Mr. Ashok Thomas, CEO of Adroit Public Relations Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Sudhir Abraham, Chennai Head of Malyalam Manorama, were present. Mr. KM Mammen inaugurated the Sports field by planting a sapling. This was followed by a prayer of dedication of the Sports field by Mr. PWC Davidar IAS. The Sports meet began with the hoisting of the school and national flags. Mr. KM Mammen then handed over the Olympic torch to the young primary athletes of Christwood. The lighting of the Olympic flame was followed by the release of doves and balloons to mark the opening of the Sports festival. The opening was followed by the Christwood parade. Leading the parade was the Police band, which had come to inspire the young students of Christwood to emulate them in future. The primary school followed in their respective houses, while the kindergarteners took up the rear with their fancy crowns and placards. The parade was followed by well choreographed exercise routines – parachute displays, pyramids, aerobics, sports coordination rhythms to name a few. Field competitions kindled in the young minds a spirit of competition and sportsmanship. When the audience applauded the winners, the bigger applause was reserved for those students who perseveringly completed the races despite losing on the competition. The track and field events and the relays helped spot many a budding and promising sports talent. With all the sporting enthusiasm shown by the children, the parents and grand-parents did not want to be left behind. All present were pleasantly surprised to see the huge turn-out for the Mothers and Fathers event. Their enthusiastic participation won all round applause from the audience. The Valedictory ceremony began with a solemn lowering of the flag ceremony to the tune of Auld Lang Syne. The Student leaders handed over the school flag to Mr. P.W.C. Davidar IAS who in turn handed it over to the Head of School for safekeeping. The Police Band then ushered the Sports festival to a close with the a rendition of Abide with me followed by the National Anthem.

Republic Day Report

Christwood School celebrated its first Republic Day this 26th January. Commandant R.D. Sharma from the Coast Guard graciously accepted our invitation to be our Chief Guest. The day began with a solemn Flag-Hoisting Ceremony. This was then followed by a short programme in the school hall. In spite of the several dislocations experienced over the previous two weeks, the children presented their dances, speeches and songs with eager confidence. Our Chief Guest then spoke to the children, telling them of the importance to eat healthy and exercise. The entire programme wound up by 9:30 a.m.

School Field Trip

This term the Primary School was taken to watch a play that was staged in the Museum Theatre. For most of the children this experience was a first. The Pied Piper of Hamelin was performed by the children of the Glow Worm Club. The Christwood students were impressed with the theatre experience and they enjoyed the interaction with the actors on stage.

Celebrating Christmas

Oh what a wonderful, wonderful... week! A week the students will never forget! From the 16th of December to the 20th of December, the students had a good time celebrating the Christmas season, the right way. It began with them making greeting cards for their parents. Later the students of each class contributed in decorating the classroom to give it a more Christmassy feel. The children were taught the value of sharing by bringing grocery items from home to give to the non-teaching staff in school. On the last day of the celebrations, the students and teachers were split into teams for a thrilling game of 'treasure hunt'! The Christmas play done by the students marked the end of school for the year.

Visit to Coast Guard Ship Varad:

"The Children of the Primary School visited the Coast Guard Ship Varad on September 23rd, 2016. The children, who were experiencing their first field trip, enjoyed the long trip by bus from Ponmar to the harbor. On arriving, they were warmly welcomed by the Coast Guard Officers and were offered welcome drinks and sandwiches on board the ship. Around 15 officers, all dressed in sailing attire, were deployed to take the children around the ship. At noon, the officers served the children lunch at the mess. The children also got to watch a documentary on the life and duties of a Coast Guard officer. The children and staff who accompanied them were thrilled with the experience aboard on operational ship."

Yellow Day

On 26 August, 2016 Christwood celebrated the colour yellow as part of our Celebration of Colours this year. It was a cloudy day, but with the entire school bursting at the seams with yellow, it was a bright day for the Christwoodians. All the classrooms had been done up in yellow displaying various themes from flowers to animals to sports. This time around there was a lot of craftwork done by the children specifically for this day that was displayed on the school’s main notice board.

The Kindergarten Field Trip

The children of KG1 and KG2 were taken on a field trip to Vandalur Zoo on 18 August, 2016. The journey to the zoo was filled with excitement as the children sang all the rhymes they knew. Mr. K.S.V.P. Reddy IFS, Director of Vandalur Zoo, during his visit to Christwood, promised a whale of time for the kindergarteners during their visit. True to his word, the children were greeted warmly by the zoo officials and were taken around to see the animals, birds and snakes in a battery-powered vehicle. They were then taken on a lion and deer safari. It was an enjoyable trip for children and teachers.

Independence Day Report

On 15th August, 2016, Christwood School held a programme to celebrate India’s independence. The programme began by hoisting the national flag and taking the pledge. This was followed by a short entertainment where there was singing, dancing and speeches by our little Christwoodians. Some of the children also dressed up to represent a few of our freedom fighters, and others wore costumes that represented the ethnic culture of some Indian states. Lt. Col. Muthuraj, from the Regional Work Office, Coast Guard Region (East) was the Chief Guest. He shared a true, inspirational story of a war hero. The parents came in large numbers to lend their support to the first Independence Day programme of the school.

A Good Day to Celebrate Blue and Kinder Cooking

On 29 July, 2016, Christwood School continued its celebration of colours with Blue Day. The entire kindergarten and primary school was a sea of varied blue hues. The teaching and admin staff was no exception. The reception area and classrooms were decked all in blue. The day ended with an hour of 'Kinder Cooking' whilst students brought together ingredients to make sandwiches and lemonade. It was a time of fun in which the entire school was involved in sandwich and juice making. The day ended with tummies full and parched throats quenched. A good end to a good week.

Christwood celebrates 'Flower Day', July 22 2016

On Friday, 22 July 2016, Christwood School celebrated “Flower Day”. The celebration was meant to give the children an opportunity to stop and appreciate nature, particularly the flowers with their variety in colour, design and fragrance, which make our lives vibrant and meaningful. The day began with the assembly where children from each grade stepped up with a flower and spoke about its natural habitat and its uses. The kindergarteners were taught the parts of a flower and the importance of flowers. The primary schoolers celebrated the day with intra-grade competitions: Grade 1 had bouquet arrangements; Grade 2 had a flower-drawing competition; Grade 3 had flower-pot decorating and flower arrangements; and Grade 4 had card-making with real flowers. Parents walked in to take a look at the children’s handiwork.

A Red Day at School, July 1 2016

Christwood school is celebrating colours throughout its first year. On 1 July, 2016, ‘red’ was the chosen colour. All the children, teaching and admin staff flooded the school with shades of red. Grade teachers displayed the colour in various shapes and forms on their noticeboards and throughout their classrooms. The Head of School had a little tete-a-tete with the Primary school on ‘red’ before classes began for the day.

The Parent Meet, June 25 2016

The first Parent Meet of Christwood School was held on 25 June, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.. It was a very well-attended programme that began with a message addressed to the parents by Pastor Philip David. This was followed by a Parent Orientation of the XSEED method of education that Christwood adheres to. The Head of School then familiarised the parents with the school rules and regulations. The evening ended at 6:30 p.m. after the parents had had the opportunity to meet with the grade teachers as well.

Christwood Parent-Connect Program, April 30 2016

The PARENT CONNECT program at the School Campus on 30 April was an unique event that created a platform for the entire School Community to bond with each other. “Christwood Tree” and “Handprint Christwood’ were the highlights of the occasion. Doing away with the conventional sit and talk, the Parents and their wards interacted with teachers over fun and games. Eats and gifts were aplenty bringing cheer on a breezy Saturday evening. Christwood’s sprawling campus with its greenery and aesthetically designed structure played host to the evening’s festivity. The ethnic and cheery ambience enhanced the spritely feel of the event. Teachers, parents and kids connected with each other over games, music and the rhythmic steps, guided by the vibrant dance teacher of Christwood Speaking on the event, Head of School, Dr. Leela Abraham said, “Christwood’s vision is to Empower Excellence and Inspire Service. The inclusive policy of education would inculcate a spirit of excellence and an attitude of service in every child”. A parent of the school, Ms. Arthi, expressed her delight in putting her two daughters in Christwood. She believed the unique academic culture structured by renowned academic experts and corporate leaders in the Governing Board is evident in the nature of events such as these organized by Christwood.