Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Mrs.Annie Mohan

Mrs. Annie Mohan MA., B.Ed


Welcome to the Christwood experience! A new school year dawns and with it comes possibilities, limitless opportunities and challenges. You will come across chances for success, exploration and discovery. So just go all out to set goals, persevere and experiment, knowing fully well that errors along this journey can only be learning experiences and not failures. Let this academic year be an enriching experience when you learn and unlearn, fall and get up but always moving ahead with more zest and energy.

At Christwood, we strive to build a community that stands for Christian excellence. This is our foundational vision and will again continue to be an ongoing priority for all of us. This unique vision transforms us into a caring community envisaging the holistic development of our learners based on godly values.

As an academician, I consider it a privilege to serve at Christwood along with my dedicated and talented team of staff members. Very careful consideration and steadfast prayers have gone into everything we undertake- whether it is methodologies, lesson plans or activities. We always strive for the best, brightest and most fantastic year ahead for each child in our fold.

We know that all these plans we make and the promises we undertake can sometimes go awry despite our best efforts. But what we also know is that we have a certain special, supernatural providence that will see us through time after time. Divine grace is what turns our limited human expertise into unparalleled excellence. And this is reason enough for me to believe that a year of growth, achievement and memorable experiences await us.