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Online Learning

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KG Online Learning

The pandemic has been a trying time for all particularly for the School Community. However, at Christwood, with a team of enterprising faculty together with the cooperative parent community steered by a robust administrative team, the transitioning to remote platforms was smooth and comfortable. A comprehensive online infrastructure has been put in place for effective virtual teaching

With rigorous experimentation and training a range of digital tools equipping teachers with key skills have been used to deliver effective online lessons and provide support and guidance to students. Every teacher is supported by a co-host to keep the teacher free of technical and other hassles. The weekly teaching schedule includes not only mandatory core subjects but also co and extracurricular which include dance, music , art and value education. Keeping in mind the toll the house confinement exacts on the young, they are provided with online counselling by the School Counselor.

At the end of every term online activities are organized that allow the children and teachers to meet and greet. Celebrations like Christmas, Independence Day, Republic Day are observed virtually ushering in a mood of festivity and alleviate emotional and mental stress, helping to maintain a positive outlook and a feeling of togetherness.

The tools used for the online sessions are:

Name of the Tool Purpose
Zoom Online teaching & attendance
Google Classroom Assessments, assignments, maintaining materials
Google Forms Short Assessment & Data Collection
Kami For Evaluation
Seesaw Home-learning Activities
Flipgrid To develop communication skills
Christwood Digital Library Online books for children
Khan Academy Resources for referential learning
YouTube For subject related videos
Wordwall Interactive games
Liveworksheet Interactive Worksheets
Quizziz App for Quiz
Nearpod Interactive Quizzes
OLABS Interactive Simulations – Virtual Laboratory for Science, Maths and English
Arloopa To create videos using Augmented Reality
GetEpic Digital Reading Platform
Padlet Online notice board
Mentimeter App for Interactive Live Polling, Quiz and Interactive presentation
Flippity App for games and quiz
Skribbl App for drawing and guessing game
Drawize App for drawing and guessing game

Online Learning in Kindergarten

When the way of life changed and our approach to education needed a new face lift, nothing stopped our Kindergarteners from learning and having fun in the process. Theme based learning, stories that kindled imagination, virtual tours around the world, Phonics, Math and concepts creatively introduced and Celebrating special days amidst the distancing ,only got the children closer.

We shape each day to be positive, creative, exciting and rewarding and before we know learning has been happening with much fun and memories.